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Raven Moon Real Estate
Homes, Estates and Manors

El Capitan
2 Raven Road

8 Story Luxury Estate with fenced backyard on a 35x50 plot overlooking the town of Raven Moon. A must for those of discerning taste.
Bargain priced at $2000 per month Tribe Members, $2500 (Allied) non members.

Villa De Epi'
3 Raven Road

Don't let it's sleak profile fool you. This Asian style Villa sits on a 36x40 plot with more storage than an UPS warehouse.
Priced to move at $1500 per month Tribe Members, $2000 (Allied) non members.

Elric Manor
4 Raven Road

Practical yet Formitable Mansion with views and room to spare on a 20x26 plot with tons of storage.
$1500 per month for tribe Members, $2000 (Allied) non members.

The Hobbit Hole
6 Lim's Way

Unique sub terrain dwelling set in the roots of the first Raven Tree House. Has storage, a cook fire and water barrel.
This cozy, private and fun little Home is a steal at $500 a month Tribe Members, $650 (Allied) non members.

The Garden House
7 South Main St.

This 8x16 single family dwelling has it all. Privacy, storage, gardening and more. Centrally located between the critter coral and the Royal Garden.
A must for any serious farmer or future tamer. $750 per month Tribe Members, $1000 (Allied) non members.

Sleepy Town Teepee Community
South Main St.

For those on a budget or just getting started we have free Teepee Homes for Tribe Members with a small rental fee of $250 per month for (allied) non members.
These are 20 slot Teepee's with an additional 5 slot canopy and plenty of room to park your carts.